If you build it…

Many of my friends and students know that I recently left my full time job to pursue yoga, health and wellness. My job was my financial stability. It afforded me the opportunity to move into a neighborhood that I adore. Leaving that behind was (is) a massive risk. It wasn’t an easy decision, and I was wavering. But a quote from a fellow teacher trainee kept playing over and over in my mind: “Sometimes the only transportation available is a leap of faith.” So I closed my eyes, and jumped.

Truth be told, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to do when I made the jump, I just felt in my heart that leaving was something I needed to do. That I wasn’t following my Dharma. Then a funny thing happened. The second I left, job offers came pouring in. That’s the thing about the Universe. It tests you, sure. Pushes you to the brink. Makes you ask yourself if you want something badly enough to risk everything you have. But ask for something long enough, and you shall receive, and I have certainly been receiving.

I’ve been wanting to combine two of my loves-Yoga and writing-for some time now. I have endless drafts of potential articles saved on my computer, but was never quite sure where they’d go. I wasn’t even sure what people wanted to hear about. But something clicked last week. So many of my fellow trainees wanted to know how I’d done what I’d done–how I’d landed so many teaching jobs–so I wrote about it. And then I leapt. I submitted my piece to one of my favorite websites, MindBodyGreen, and they published it!


So here it is. I’m proud to share my very first (but certainly not last) article for MindBodyGreen.com: 10 Ways To Land a Job as a Yoga Teacher.


Check it out! Comment, share, “like” up a storm!

Thanks for stopping by.

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